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Central Bark is owned and managed by Lyndsey Rutherford and Susan Gilbert.  Both have worked in the pet care industry since leaving school so have many years of experience behind them.  Lyndsey and Susan are registered with the Academy of Dog Trainers and Behaviour, The Guild of Dog Trainers and are Accredited Pet Care Professionals.

Having worked with dogs since leaving school, Susan has always aspired to promote canine welfare and care and had a keen interest in dog training. 


A registered microchip implanter, qualified Pet First Aider and a registered C-SQP, Susan is able to advise and dispense certain veterinary products. She has also completed numerous nutritional courses in partnership with premium feed manufactures.


Susan's previous dogs, Benny and particularly Maverick (retired/failed police dogs) found her seeking a more in depth understanding of dog behaviour. 


She now specialises in problem/aggressive dogs and behavioural problems associated with these aspects. 


Currently, Susan shares her home with Denver and Oki, two Saarloos Wolfdog brothers.



Lyndsey has a comprehensive knowledge of various dog training methods and  wealth of experience with working breeds in particular. 

Having worked on a game farm for several years, Lyndsey has a good understanding of gun breeds and their roles in the field. She has also a registered instructor with The Gundog Club.

Lyndsey holds qualifications in Canine First Aid and CPR and spent many years working for a large canine feed company, completing numerous nutritional courses.

Alongside gundogs,  Lyndsey has worked with herding breeds and trained her first collie to be an asset to the farm. 

Her home is now shared with  4 dogs, a cat and two horses.

Sweep, a working Cocker and Polly, a rescue spaniel have both  worked in the field and participated various gundog training courses and displays at local events. They have also tried their paw at agility and flyball. Theres  Rocco, a terrier mix who will do anything for food and crossbreed Elfie who has recently started  some competetive obedience and working trials training. 


In 2017 Megan Kelly joined the team as a Level 2 Animal Care Apprentice. Megan has made a great addition to Central Bark and has been learning the daycare ropes, assisiting in behavioural sessions and recently started her Dog Grooming training. She has also been out and about with the team this year, helping with our Gundog Demos, Scurrys and dog shows. Megan has a natural way with dogs and completed her Canine First Aid training . She will be continuing her education on a Level 3 course next year and shares her home with Kes and Dodger, two little terrier mixes.

Assisting with our Gundog Classes and events is Andy Thompson of Northkandy Gundogs. A gamekeeper on a local estate, he has a passion for spaniels and all things country, he has been training and helping out at Central Bark since 2014. Andy and his wife share their home with three working cockers, two lurchers and a terrier.


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