Behaviour Modification

Many modern dogs exhibit a variety of behavioural problems  or undesirable behaviours. 

A lot of the time, the dogs overall needs are not being truly met, whether it is through lack of training, leadership or physical and mental stimulation.  Issues can be  can be  overcome using positive reinforcement, training exercises and adequate stimulation for the dog.  Many problems are situational and caused by bad habits and lack of structure, meaning the dog does not know what is expected of him or hasn't been trained how to behave.  It is also common for a bad experience in the past to be affecting the dogs behaviour today. 

Issues frequently addressed:

  •  barking,

  • chasing

  • aggression

  •  reactive towards dogs

  • reactive towards new people

  • isolation distress

  • destructive behaviour

  • separation anxiety .

Your first session will last for 1-1.5 hours. Ideally visiting you and your dog at home

During your first session we will discuss the issues you are having, commence training and give you things to work on before your follow up session (when required).  To book, please email or call 07872834300

Managing a dog daycare centre since 2012 has given me over 60,00 hours of hands on experience with dogs and the ability to  read canine body language. In addition to this I have worked with hundreds of clients demonstrating a wide variety of issues, both through training classes and private work. As of 2019 I am a student of the ISCP, furthering my professional development and knowledge of canine psychology.  

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