Gundog training is a fantastic way to train and enjoy your working breed whilst stimulating their natural instincts. Gundog training is not just for those who compete or shoot regularly but is ideal for owners of pet dogs wishing to train their dog accordingly. It creates a bond between the dog and the owner and allows you to harness your dog's natural ability. 

Why Gundog Training?

Most gundog breeds have a strong instinct to hunt the scent of ‘prey’ animals (rabbits/birds etc). Once found, the dog may chase the animal in the hope of catching it. Looking at the dog in terms of survival, this is a useful instinct to have, but can be a real problem for the dogs owner. 

An untrained dog can be a liability when allowed of leash as they soon discover that ignoring their owner and chasing small animals is way more fun than walking at a slow pace on the leash. Most young gundog breeds have little concept of 'taking a walk' and associate the outdoor with hunting. 

The aim of gun dog training was traditionally used only to create a useful hunting partner. In modern society this training can be adapted to harness the instincts of the pet gundog. In turn helping him or her to become an enjoyable family pet or working dog. 


Mon-Fri 10am-4pm

(during daylight saving) 

Initial Assessment 45 mins - £30

Follow Up Sessions 3 x 30 mins - £60

Individual 1/2 hour £22.50  

Private Gundog Training 

Private lessons are on a one-to-one basis and involve you, your dog and our trainer. 

During the first assessment session we will discuss any questions you may have about your dog and find out what you enjoy doing with your them  and what you would like to achieve or improve on. The lessons are then tailored accordingly.

These sessions will offer homework and a variety of tips and so you can continue your training away from 'school' and develop your new skills at home.  

Generally these sessions are aimed at exercises such whistle work, retrieving, steadiness and obedience. 

Private training is available from our base at The Whitehouse Farm Centre (NE61 6AW) or  near Chopwell Woods (NE39 2AG)


Following your initial session of 45 minutes we offer  half hour follow up sessions. 

To book please drop us an email, call us on 01670 789106 or click here to book online 

Saturday 18th April@11am 

Pet Gundog Class

In class we cover heel work, whistle training, basic retrieves and control around distractions. Working indoors and out, we use positive reinforcement and promote stress free, relaxed atmosphere. 

To attend the gundog class  your dog must have the following skills;

Recall - your dog must be able to return to you off the leash when asked, in the presence of other dogs.

Motivation - Toys or food, it doesn't matter what the item is (anything from old socks to a proper gundog dummy)

Social Skills - dogs known to show aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or people are not permitted in this class

A decent level of general obedience is required. Generally they are a minimum of 9-12 months before being able to attend the group class. 


For those struggling with problems such as pulling on the leash, motivation, lack of recall, jumping up or meeting other dogs our Junior Class  would be more suitable or consider an assessment session first. 


Following our Basic Class or Private sessions we run a weekly Training Club. The Training Club is open to those who have mastered basic retrieving,working around other dogs and distractions.  

To book please drop us an email, call us on 01670 789106 or click here to book online 

Our Gundog Club 


Following on from classes or private training we run a weekly training 'club'. The class is pay weekly and we work on more advanced retrieves, steadiness to shot, cold game training etc . If you aren't sure what level your dog its at please drop us an email  


Mon- Fri





01670 789106

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