Lyndsey takes Puppy Class, Puppy Plus and Pet Gundog Class here at Central Bark. She also works with private training clients and offers behavioural help  .Lyndsey is based near Prudhoe/Stocksfield and offers training in her local area as well as at Central Bark.

Lyndsey has a comprehensive knowledge of various dog training methods and  wealth of experience with working breeds in particular. 

An ADTB instructor and GODT member, she is currently a student with The ISCP  working towards her Diploma in Canine Behaviour.   Lyndsey holds qualifications in Canine First Aid and CPR and spent many years working for a large canine feed company, completing numerous nutritional courses. 

Managing a dog daycare centre since 2012 has given her over 60,00 hours of hands on experience with dogs and the ability to  read canine body language. In addition to this she has  worked with hundreds of clients demonstrating a wide variety of issues, both through training classes and private work.Having also worked on a game farm for several years, Lyndsey has a good understanding of gun breeds and their roles in the field. She has also a registered instructor with The Gundog Club.  

Alongside gundogs,  Lyndsey has worked with herding breeds and trained her first collie to be an asset to the farm. 

Her home is now shared with  four dogs, a cat and four  horses.

Sweep, a working Cocker and Polly, a rescue spaniel have both  worked in the field and participated various gundog training courses and displays at local events. They have also tried their paw at agility and flyball.  Rocco is a terrier mix who will do anything for food and crossbreed Elfie who has trained in competetive obedience and working trials training. 

To contact her direct please email or visit Lyndsey Canine Coach on Facebook 


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