Gundog Training Classes and Workshops

Gundog training is a fantastic way to train and enjoy your working breed whilst stimulating their natural instincts. Gundog training is not just for those who compete or shoot regularly but is ideal for owners of pet dogs wishing to train their dog accordingly. It creates a bond between the dog and the owner and allows you to harness your dog's natural ability.  Most gundog breeds have a strong instinct to hunt the scent of ‘prey’ animals (rabbits/birds etc). Once found, the dog may chase the animal and completely ignore their owner. 


An untrained dog can be a liability when allowed of leash as they soon discover that ignoring their owner and chasing small animals is way more fun than walking at a slow pace on the leash. Most young gundog breeds have little concept of 'taking a walk' and associate the outdoor with hunting. 

The aim of gun dog training was traditionally used only to create a useful hunting partner. In modern society this training can be adapted to harness the instincts of the pet gundog. In turn helping him or her to become an enjoyable family pet or working dog. Please not training classes & workshops are reward based using toys, food and treats. 

Pet Gundog Foundations 

6 week course at Central Bark £80

The foundation course is open to any gundog breed or cross over 6 months old. The class is held indoors and out.

What we aim to cover in class: 

  • Recall

  • Leash walking

  • Motivation

  • Retrieving 

  • Whistle work

  • Settling around distractions

If your dog struggles to work around other dogs, check out my private training page or Junior Training with Susan.

Weekly Training Group


My weekly training group is open to all who have a decent grasp of basic obedience and have mastered foundation retrieving exercises and whistle work. Training is primarily held at Central Bark with the option of multiple 'away' days throughout the year. The club provides and informal, relaxed atmosphere in which to train and is made up  in equal measure of those who work their dogs and those with pet gundogs. GSOH required. 


A variety of workshops are used to work on specific skills such as obedience and retrieving  elements. Breed specific workshops allow clients to focus on issues  that particular breeds exhibit more than others. 2020 dates TBC 

The Gundog Club

As an accredited Gundog Club Trainer/Assessor  my clients have the option of working towards a national graded training scheme. Until the arrival of the Gundog Club, all popular national gundog tests in the UK were competitions for fully trained gundogs. The Gundog Club’s Graded Training Scheme has provided the first opportunity for gundog owners to have their dogs tested against a consistent national standard, instead of against other dogs. Gundog Club Grades are open to all gundogs regardless of their ancestry. Pedigree papers are not required and cross-bred dogs are welcome to enter the scheme. Pet gundogs are warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate. To find out more about the grades please visit 

If you have any queries about training or where to start, drop me an email at or call 07872834300

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