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March 2, 2016

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May 11, 2016

When daytrippers are dropped off at our facility, the first thing we do is remove their collars, leash and harness. This might seem odd as obviously when out and about dogs MUST wear a collar with identification. 

However collars and harnesses can pose a great risk to dogs when playing with others. 


Whilst playing, dogs will often mouth at each other, usually during rough and tumble. It is very easy for a dogs lower jaw to become stuck in another dogs collar. If this happens both dogs will likely panic which can lead jaw injuries and even worse, strangulation for the dog wearing the collar. 

For this reason alone we do not allow dogs to play with their collars on. 




Harnesses may appear to be a safer option as the risk of being strangled is eliminated, however most harnesses have 'D rings' or bulky clips. If dogs are playing together whilst wearing these they can cause injuries if dogs make contact at speed or if they mouth one another. There is also the risk of legs becoming entangled if the harness is not a good fit. 


To walk our daycare dogs we  must ensure they wear their collars. It is a legal requirement that dogs wear a collar with an identity tag attached. However, while out and about we encourage the dogs to interact with us more than each other.  Games, training and structured sessions ensure that the dogs are occupied and not rough housing or play fighting with one another.  Furthermore we always have tools to hand to remove collars if necessary. 









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