Giles and Olly Evans

Lyndsey was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of training my 1st working dog. He is now nearly 7, has been an absolute delight to work for the last 6 seasons
I can't thank her enough for the sessions that helped with all this. All delivered in a cool, calm and fun way for the dog and the owner
Would recommended Lyndsey to anyone interested in getting their dog trained

Charlotte & Arthur Telfer

Where to begin? I first approached Lyndsey almost 3 years ago when my black Labrador Arthur was just 16 weeks old. I initially chose Lyndsey due to her amazing reputation with gun dog breeds but at the time had only planned on getting the ground works in during one of her group puppy classes.

Needless to say this did not turn out to be the case and over the following three years I have taken advantage of the full range of group classes, 1-2-1 training and gun dog clubs that Lyndsey has to offer, both at Central Bark and at various locations around the North East.

Arthur is now an accomplished working gun dog who is able to do which ever job is asked of him- whether that be picking up, beating or sitting on a peg. He has completed two full seasons as a major part of our shoot’s picking up team, leading to us being invited to a further 3 shoots where his career will only progress further. Not only this but he is well mannered and a pleasure to have in our home when he is not ‘at work’. This is because Lyndsey always puts emphasis on making sure her clients are practicing good levels of obedience alongside their sporting training.

It goes without question that there is no way we would have achieved such things without Lyndsey taking the time to see the potential in Arthur and encouraging me as a complete novice handler to persevere. Arthur is not the easiest dog to handle by any means and definitely not one that can be trained in a ‘textbook’ way. Lyndsey always has a way we can adapt or add to a training exercise and is amazing at recognising how to use training exercises successfully based on a dog’s individual personality and behaviours.

I am so grateful for the past three years of coaching and excited to see what she has in store in future!

Chris and Mabel Gunning

We arranged for a home visit to help our spaniel Mabel with reactivity to visitors.

Lyndsey was great and showed us practical and manageable ways to help Mabel and make sure that she’s able to keep calm and then greet visitors well.

The guidance we were given was fitted to suit our home and needs - it wasn’t just generic advice, but based on understanding Mabel and her background, as well as what we can practically do in our flat.

Although we expect it’ll take a little while for Mabel, I was really impressed with the impact that small and quite easy changes can make. The advice and activities we were given were manageable and didn’t involve massive changes that are hard to stick with.

Both of our dogs love Lyndsey - she might be the person who gets them to behave themselves but they seem to love doing what she tells them!

Michelle & Bob Gill

I went to Lyndsey as a first time working cocker spaniel owner. I had trained my two smaller dogs with no issues at all, however Bob was a totally different ball game!!
But with 1 to 1 training, junior gundog class, gundog club and a whole lot of her patience, Lyndsey has helped me understand and work with Bob to help him become a lovely little dog who loves his gundog training. We are now preparing for our gundog tests.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lyndsey to anyone looking for help with their dogs

Megan Borthwick (Borthwicks Boarding)


I came to Lyndsey with my home bred lab 8 years ago! who wouldn't retrieve I had gundog experience but all I tried didn't work she was just young so I came to Lyndsey who gave me some fab pointers and tips Luna is now 8 worked many different shoots won crufts and been in many shooting magz for her retrieving ;)

I then returned to Lyndseys classes with my other dogs for extra training, classes and tests Lyndsey is great and always helpful.

Ellen & Pip Ferrie

An "after" and then a "before" of Pip doing a "sit-and-wait" before a pick-up of the dummy. One would involve her dancing-about in a state of high anticipation and running ahead. She would be overexcited and not listen to a word we said — much more keen on doing her own thing. Meanwhile, under Lyndsey's guidance, Pip will *now* sit and mark a retrieve that you've thrown — and wait for a handsignal and instructions. She's also become far better at coming back to me and delivering to hand then getting into position for t'next round. It's like having a dog that *actually* listens on a regular basis since we started with Lyndsey! It's bonkers the amount that her steadiness — amongst other things inc. her lead-work and recall — has come on since starting her gundog training with her! Even more than average, Pip is an *absolute machine* of a working cocker-spaniel w/her own mind. However, her exuberance and extra-ness are being focused in a much healthier way. As opposed to only exercising her body, she's been giving her mind as much of a work-out. She's alwaaays been a bitch that needed a job to do! There's still a way to go — Pip's a stubborn one, after all — but we've made *giant* strides since last summer. Lyndsey has tailored her sessions towards the way Pip is as a working cocker-spaniel to guide her where we'd like her to be: one who's still very much a character but making the best of herself and undertaking instruction from myself and my partner. She's also carefully thought about my own limitations due to a long-term health condition and provided me w/training activities and such to do in the home w/Pip as well as things to do outside and in the field — she's a very thoughtful and considerate human-being whilst also being a first-class trainer. Here's to Pip respectin' my authorityyy and building the teamwork b/w woman and dog thanks to Lyndsey, đŸ¥°!

If you're in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear or even Co. Durham and Cumbria, I couldn't speak *more highly* of Lyndsey and laud her enough. She's well-and-truly helping us to make the most of Pip and her potential! It's made such a difference having a highly-knowledgeable canine trainer using modern, innovative methods. I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone! Hopefully, she'll be participating in a few scurries over the summer months whilst passin' her Working Gundog Certification!


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