Recall & Loose Leash Workshop

Leash walking is a challenging skill for the dog and owner to master, it takes a lot of impulse control from your dog as they resist urges to sniff, smell, mark and say hello to other dogs and people. There is also the fact that our dogs would naturally walk at a faster pace than us. This workshop is aimed at teaching owners how to engage with their dogs, focus them around distractions and promote a positive on leash experience. We will look at the development of the heel position and put the training into practice with distractions. Most importantly we will aim to make leash work an enjoyable exercise and positive experience for the dog and owner.

Recall has to be the most important thing we can teach our dogs. Not only does it keep them and others safe, it makes walks more enjoyable and less stressful.
There are many reasons your dog may not be coming back when called. For many of them it is when the distraction level is high or they have no motivation to return to their owner. A dog with a good recall will hurry back to his/her owner despite environmental distractions.  The workshop will cover a variety of techniques to teach you and your dog to master the recall. Quite frequently, pulling on the leash an not coming when called go hand in hand, our workshops offer the opportunity to work on both in one session. 

Max 6 Places per class

No age restrictions

Held Indoors and Out

Cost £25
Duration 2 hours

Wednesday 24th July @ 6:30pm

Saturday 10th August @ 10am

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