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Chris, Cath and Amber

"Fantastic place, professionally run, highly recommend the puppy classes, obedience and gun dog training. Doggy Day Care is fab."

Joanne, Buster and Reggie

"Highly recommend Central Bark. Very friendly and professional. Great Day Care and excellent training classes. All in all Brilliant!"

Chris , Ailsa and Sky 

We have been using Central Bark since November last year, and quite honestly we can not recommend them enough. Being owners of a 2 year old rescue German Shepherd we were initially quite apprehensive about approaching a training school due to the often misguided reputation some people have about this breed, and also due to the fact that our dog can be very vocal at times. We need not have worried as we were put at ease straight away and everyone was welcoming and understanding.

Sky is now coming on in leaps and bounds and loves her Saturdays with her new friends both human and canine. When we first got Sky she did not know the basic commands, even though she was two years old. With the guidance and hard work of everyone at Central Bark she has now moved up to advance obedience, and often takes part in agility training, all of this after only six months. We also have no hesitation about leaving Sky at day care, were she gets to play and socialise and even gets a little bit spoilt.

Laura and Tilly


"Took my puppy to classes and going to book into the junior ones in new year. Tilly now goes to daycare once a week to learn she's not the boss of everyone! After her first time the difference was amazing. Highly recommend."



Helen and Saffi


"Saffi loved her puppy classes and made some friends who she still enjoys running mad with them at day care! Fab place, would recommend highly!"

Denise, Cevat and Harvey
We first brought our yellow labrador, Harvey, to obedience classes some 6 months ago.  We cannot stress how important it was for him to socialise but also to learn when he can go up to dogs and when he cant. We were so impressed with your services and advice that we decided to put him in your day care once a week. We both work full-time and feel it is too long for Harvey to be left on his own. He has so much fun at day care that he is absolutely shattered when he gets home. We've now decided to put him in day care twice a week to see if this helps calm him down when at home. We appreciate all the help and guidance you give to us and the extra time you spend with Harvey and all his new friends training them whilst in your care. I can go to work and not worry about him for a few hours and know that he is being well looked after, trained, having fun and making friends. Best thing we ever did coming to Centralbark.

Andrew, Katherine and Cosmo

After taking a new job that meant I couldn't be at home all day with our young springer spaniel I was keen to find not only someone who could care for him during the day, but, for someone who could give him the quality of life he deserved.

We'd used Central Bark to progress his training in obedience and gun dog skills with great success so I was delighted when we were also able to use the crèche facilities. Cosmo attends three days a week and always comes back tired and content.

After a few weeks at my new job I was starting to feel very guilty that during a hot August day my dog was stuck in a creche instead of enjoying the sunshine as we previously would have when I was at home with him. I worried about it all day but when Cosmo was dropped off with me I was shown a video of an afternoon at the beach! It became apparent very quickly that there was only one of us missing out on a great sunny day and it certainly wasn't Cosmo.

I could not recommend Central Bark enough; the team are always as happy to see Cosmo as he is them. I'm 100% assured that both his welfare and his happiness is their number one priority and that he is getting the same level of care he would get if I was able to be with him all day.

Sarah and Ennis

"Great place, fab people who know what they're doing. Would recommend to anyone whether you want basic socialisation or need more in depth advice or training."


Ashley and Enzo 

"After only a short time at central bark the difference in Enzo is amazing! Can't thank the staff Lindsey and Susan enough. Can't wait for more training in the new year x"

Kay and Andy Thompson 

Myself and my husband have been attending central bark for a around one year now to use their training grounds  for their popular gun dog class. We could highly recommend them as we have found great success with an older dog we took into our care in 2014 and we have also embarked on training with our Cocker spaniel puppy who is now 9 month old and under the guidance of the team seems a promising pup for this coming season. 

The company is set in rural Northumberland,  is easy to find and has on site parking. I would highly recommend them as a team for all your dog's needs. 

Kindest Regards
Mrs K Thompson

Ruth, Andy and Darwin,

Darwin, a fox red labrador from working stock, is our first dog and all seemed to be well for the first couple of months as we enjoyed his early puppyhood. At around five months we noticed that he appeared to have developed a limp on his front left leg. After a few visits to our vet and x-rays our fears were confirmed; Darwin had elbow dysplasia.

We were obviously very sad as we started on a routine of reduced exercise, medication, monthly injections, supplements and hydrotherapy etc. but wanted to give Darwin the very best chance of having a 'normal labrador life' in the long term. 

It is fair to say that Darwin has a certain 'enthusiasm' for life which would have been a challenge even without a restricted exercise regime. It wasn't long before this combined with entering adolescence started to make going out for a walk a chore rather than a pleasure - we realised that we needed some help! 

We first came to Centralbark when Darwin was around 8 months old and following an initial assessment by Susan decided to start socialisation walks to try and addressDarwin's excitement when confronted with other dogs; he just wasn't able to listen in that environment.  With Lyndsey's and Susan's help and patience both with Darwin and ourselves we started to see a gradual improvement and we reached a point where we felt it would be able to attend junior training class. 

It is fair to say that Darwin's attendance at the first classes was a test of everyone’s patience but Susan was great, continually coming up with new ideas and techniques to keep his brain busy and help him focus both during the training sessions and also at home.  We quickly realised that one course was not going to be sufficient for us so we duly enrolled on a second junior training course while continuing to do some 1 to 1 training during the week. 

At the first class of the second junior course we all felt we were back to square one again as Darwin seemed to find it equally difficult as the first time with a new set of fellow canine trainees.  While we started to lose hope of having a 'normal' dog Susan and Lyndsey did not and continued to try different techniques. 

Finally, after a couple of weeks, we had a break through and there was a quite sudden step change in Darwin. He was able to concentrate throughout the class and he even managed to demo an 'away' to his fellow trainees.  We are thrilled, from a behaviour and obedience point of view it is like having a new dog, although thankfully we still have our very sweet natured labrador. 

We have recently had Darwin's second set of x-rays and the defect in 

Darwin's elbow has healed with the care he has had by everyone and

while he has a small amount of arthritis the result is as good as could

have been hoped for. We are now free to build up his exercise to that

of a normal 15 month old dog and he can expect the full and happy

labrador life we all wanted for him.

We are really grateful to both Susan and Lyndsey for their patience,

help, and above all understanding of the situation we were in. I am

sure we would not have got to where we are (recognising that there

still is some way to go) without them.  

Above all it was clear to see the joy (and admittedly surprise) of both Susan and Lyndsey when they experienced the step change in Darwin's behaviour at the recent junior class and recall workshop. Darwin even taught Lyndsey what 'nutmeg' is (a football reference for those who aren't aware).

We look forward to further training with Centralbark, who knows we might even consider gundog training once Darwin's fitness has improved - something that would have been unconceivable at the outset.

Lyndsey & Django

I can't recommend Central Bark enough. The staff are very friendly and caring. My dog Django absolutely loves going there and he always gets a good walk. 10/10

Amy and Star

Great facilities, situated in a great rural location and ran by lovely and very knowledgeable ladies

Emma and Ruby

Booked a home visit today since my puppy Ruby is too young to go out at the moment and couldn't be happier with the session we had. Will definitely be booking some more sessions, attending classes in the future and recommending Central Bark to all my friends with dogs


Jacqui, Roo and Mia

Amazing miracle workers, I can't thank you enough, today for the 1st time in nearly 2 years I have been able to walk my boy, without my shoulders being pulled out of joint, I can't explain how amazing my walk was tonight in the pouring rain, just WOW, Mia done brilliantly with Mark and we even walked them at the same time, can't wait to visit again for some more training with both Roo and Mia x

Tracy & Beckett

Attended the recall workshop today, Beckett and I found it really useful, some great tips and guidance made relevant to our particular situation as well as lots of practical work and a really good worksheet to come home with! Already booked for Junior Classes. Definitely would recommend xx

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