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All of our staff are qualified, insured and first aid trained. Established in 2012 we have plenty of experience and deliver expert care. We are fully licensed with Northumberland County Council with a 5 start higher welfare rating which is the highest available.

We have a limited number of spaces available for new starters. Please drop us an email @ if you would like your dog to join our gang.

dog day care
dog day care

Walkies .....

Central Bark gives 'day-trippers' the benefit of acres of countryside on which they can stretch their legs, get some fresh air and let of some steam.

The nearby network of woodland walks gives them plenty of things to see and smell and our smaller enclosed paddock can be used for fun and games.


During a full day with us each dog will be exercised both morning and afternoon. We group the walks according to energy levels and bonds within the group. 


Whilst exercising there is constant interaction between the staff and dogs using toys, treats and games. As we get to know each dog individually we ensure that they enjoy their favourite activity whether it is fetching a ball, playing with friends or simply going for a gentle stroll. 




Internally we have a purpose built astroturf arena, chosen specifically for safety reasons. When not out walking, our daycare dogs have  short play sessions through the day with rest breaks and bouts of training in between. This means the dogs are fully occupied and entertained without being out of control. Within the daycare arena we do allow toys depending on the dogs we have in, however we do not use children's play equipment or allow free play on agility equipment. We feel this poses too much of a risk for dogs slipping and falling. 

Central Bark do not kennel the dogs for any part of the day, they are here to play, interact and socialise. That said, we do have quiet time and the facility to cater for those in need of a nap, some time out or just a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of day care. We use a separate room with beds and crates which the dogs can choose to use should they wish.



dog day care
At Central Bark we recognise that dogs are individuals and their time with us is structured to suit them. 
As we are a small team we are able to get to know your dog, and build up a trusting relationship.

Our staff are experienced, fully insured and are able to cater for special requirements regarding training, diet or medical needs at no extra cost.

If your golden oldie just wants a comfy bed and companionship or your hyperactive puppy needs to let off some steam,  we are here to help.

Outdoors we have a secure paddock and acres of countryside to walk in on private land.

dog day care
Induction: £25 (free for dogs that have attended private or group training)
Half Day: £17.00 (up to 4.5 hours)
Full day: £26
2 dogs from the same household: £40


To book please call 01670 789106 or drop us an email.

dog day care

Getting Started


Prior to becoming a regular 'daytripper' we ask that dogs attend an induction at Central Bark. Lasting up to 4 hours this session allows us to assess how your dog settles into our routine and copes without their owner around. We also like to see how they interact with other dogs with varying personalities. 

The induction is quite short as we are constantly working with and monitoring the dogs whilst they are in daycare. 

Your dog must be fully vaccinated and you must be available to collect your dog at any given time during the induction. We do not require dogs to be vaccinated for kennel cough however if they have had it or been vaccinated for it they must stay away from the premises for 14 days from the vaccination date or from symptoms showing clear.

Prior to your daycare induction, we ask you to fill in an application form including emergency contact details, a medical release form and information about your dog. 

Your dog will stay with us for up to 4 hours, during which they will meet a few of our regular day-trippers outside of the arena, be taken for a walk with a member of staff and hopefully start to have some fun with our regular day-trippers. Each dog settles at a different pace and we take it as slow as they need to feel comfortable. 


Following your induction....

Having had a successful introductory session, your dog may attend our facility providing they are fit and healthy. 


Dogs cannot attend if:

They are in season

Have shown any signs of illness

Their vaccinations have expired

Further more, daycare is not suitable for:

Dogs that have been known to be aggressive towards other dogs.

Dogs that are very nervous of others and struggle environmentally.


Central Bark's daycare service runs Monday - Friday 8am-6pm. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs but do have an upper limit in order to provide adequate care for each dog. It is best to book in advance wherever possible.

We accept that sometimes there may be a delay in your dog being collected but ask that we are notified of any late collections past 6pm. 




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