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Dog training and socialisation

            Mon- Fri 10am-3:30pm: 

Initial Assessment 45 mins - £50

Social Walks - £15 

Social Walks


In addition to our private sessions and daycare Central Bark offer guided walks within a relaxed environment. 

This presents the opportunity to have a qualified trainer advise on how to best deal with your dog on the lead.


We find that many owners find it difficult to walk with other dogs and owners so our social guided walks are a perfect opportunity for your dog to make friends.

In addition, it simply offers the chance for your dog to socialise and exercise at the same time. 

Following your initial assessment a social walk will last for around 30 minutes and costs £15.


(Please note, dogs known to be have displayed aggression will need to have an individual behavioural consultation with us prior to attending a walk)

Classes may need to be cancelled/delayed due to restrictions changing but all remaining sessions will be honoured once we are able to resume.

dog training and socialisation
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