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Central Bark are here to offer help and support with behavioural problems and training issues you are having with your dog. Many dogs act out because they are suffering from stress, anxiety or fear. Likewise, some general behaviour issues can be due to lack of proper guidance or training from a young age. 

Please note we are often booked around 1-2 weeks in advance for private training sessions and up to 3 weeks for home visits. We will always do our best to accommodate and always prioritise new puppies and cases of aggression where possible

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Behavioural Issues


Central Bark offer help and support with a variety of canine issues.Problems such as barking, chasing, aggression, reactivity, destructive behaviour and  separation anxiety which can be  overcome using positive reinforcement, training exercises and adequate stimulation for the dog. 

Many canine issues are situational and caused by bad habits and lack of structure, meaning the dog does not know what is expected of him or hasn't been trained how to behave. 

We provide a holistic approach to behavioural issues, looking at external factors such as background, routine and stimulus rather simply focusing on the negative behaviour. Our aim is to rebuild a healthy bond between dog and owner. 

Your first session will last for 1-1.5 hours. We can visit you and your dog at home or you can visit us at Central Bark.

During your first session which we will discuss the issues you are having, commence training and give you things to work on before your follow up session (when required). 

All sessions include an email report & training plan.

For general obedience training click here

If you are unsure if you need a behavioural session or private Basic Training please get in touch.

Please do call ahead to check/confirm availability before making payment.

Dog behaviour training
Dog behaviour training
Dog behaviour training
Dog behaviour training
Dog behaviour training
Dog behaviour training
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